Honeysuckle Takeover

Asked June 11, 2020, 2:28 PM EDT

How do I kill out honeysuckle, it has taken over my Spruce trees along with a viney plant?

Boone County Kentucky

3 Responses

I would use the herbicide glyphosate applied to the foliage of the honeysuckle and vine. You must be careful not to get any spray on your spruce trees or desirable plants.
Please call me if you have questions. There are non-chemical ways to accomplish this but they involve digging etc. 859-586-6101

I ended up cutting the honeysuckle at its base and pulling and pulling it out! I was afraid to spray a chemical near my Spruce trees. But my Spruce trees look pitiful, very thinned out and naked. Will they fill in at all? Thank you for responding to original post!

Good for you. I'm sure that was not an easy job. Evergreens are not as forgiving about filling in branch die back etc. I would remove all dead limbs. You can evaluate next year after the trees get a flush of new growth. I have seen some people limb up Spruce trees several feet off the ground. They still look good and are at least uniform in looks. I would not do this until March of next year.
Be sure to watch your trees for needle cast disease. We are seeing this on spruce all over this area. Please call me and provide your address and I will send info. on this disease. 859-586-6101