Hydrangea Damage/Disease

Asked June 11, 2020, 8:11 AM EDT

Planted some new Hydrangeas (Incrediball Blush) about a week ago and have had significant damage/disease pop up. We water twice a day in the early morning and late evening. Can you help me identify the issue and provide a solution? One plant looks ready to die. Will it be able to recover?

Ramsey County Minnesota

2 Responses

That is 4 lined plant bug damage and shrubs usually recover well from the damage. Test the soil before watering. If the soil is too wet the plant will die. Too much water looks like too little because the roots rot and can’t take up water so they wilt.

It might also be a fungal disease. Water your plant under the leaves so do not water overhead. Water it in the morning so the leaves have time to dry and water late in the day if the soil is dry to 2 inches. One plus with hydrangeas, they will tell you that it needs watering by wilting and will fully recover quickly if watered.