Arborvitae planted with bag left on bottom?

Asked June 10, 2020, 9:57 PM EDT

Planting 3 each 7' arborvitae in front of 8' section of fence to hide bottom of neighbors second story deck. Spacing between each and between plant and fence? Also, do you completely remove bag or is it ok to just open top and either remove or fold down?

Washington County Oregon

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Thank you for your inquiry.

Always remove the burlap from the rootball.

How to plant your shrubs;
1.) Before you dig holes, pre-soak the rootballs by submerging in water; soak until bubbles stop rising or a maximum of 20 minutes.
2.) Dig the holes a least twice as wide as the original rootball, but the same depth.
3.) Fill the holes with water and allow to drain. Repeat.
4.) Set the trees in place and refill the holes with native soil. (Do not add any fertilizer, potting soil, or other "good" stuff.) Settle the soil with water; do not stomp the backfill.

During the first few weeks, the trees may need to be watered every day or two because the roots are still confined to the rootball. Gradually increase the interval between consecutive irrigations as the roots extend into the surrounding soil.