Should Legend Tomato plants be pruned?

Asked June 9, 2020, 4:50 PM EDT

Reading about tomato pruning techniqes and looks like we should not be pruning the suckers off of Legend tomatoes because they are determinate? Then whoops. We’ve only grown early girls before which are indeterminate. Is this correct? Did we just mess up our Legend tomatoes?

Pierce County Washington

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According to OSU's great tomato-growing publication: "The only pruning required on determinate plants is to remove any side shoots that appear below the bottom flower cluster (the first flower cluster that appears on the plant). Leave all side shoots above that point, as these will bear fruit" In other words, you can take the suckers off below the point where the flowers start to form. Do not prune anything on the plant above the branch where flowers have appeared.

This is a good video by the University of Arkansas about pruning determinate tomato plants.