Viburnum Chicago Lustre

Asked June 9, 2020, 4:17 PM EDT

I have 12 of the above plants approximately 11 years old. None of them survived the winter. I loved them for looks and privacy. Any suggestions.... I need a plant that will go to at least 7 ft. Thanks in advance. Linda Singer 248-752-4211

Oakland County Michigan

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It is never easy loosing plants we love. It seems like mixing plants is the recommendation. Here are a few articles with great suggestions to suit your specific needs.

Thank you for your speedy reply. I do not have more than 24 “ of soil to work with. The bushes were used between me and my neighbors house. Do you think Allegheny Viiburnum will work? Live in the Detroit area

Any ideas what scrubs to plant that will grow 6’ +. I hate arborvitae!

I live in Michigan. There would be 8 schrubs. No room for any in front or behind

There are several options in the links I sent. I understand you live in Michigan. The hardiness zone will be on the tag of plants you purchase. Holly is a great choice. Inkberry is a nice cultivar.