Exposed Tree Roots Bound w Weed Fabric

Asked June 9, 2020, 11:30 AM EDT

I purchased a property with several mature trees where the roots of the trees have grown into the fabric that was put there to prevent weed growth. In some instances I looks like the fabric has also altered how the tree roots have grown, and as I try to pull it away, I'm exposing roots without soil. It is best to cut away what I can of the fabric and then top fill with soil, then mulch? Or is there a better approach.

Sussex County Delaware

1 Response

Yes, cut away as much of the visible fabric as you can without injuring the roots. Then fill with top soil. Pack it down well among the roots as you cover them. You can use water alternately with the new soil to avoid air spaces around the roots. You can then use a natural wood much making sure that you do not pile it up against the tree trunk.