Small beets

Asked June 8, 2020, 9:11 PM EDT

Trying to grow "Early Wonder" beets in our vegetable garden in Bonney Lake, WA. Garden gets full sun and is open to the rain. We germinated some of the beets indoors in trays under a grow light and others were germinated slightly later directly in the ground. The leaves have grown well, but the roots have not grown into large bulbs. Instead, the roots began to get woody and tough at the base of the leaves. Are we doing something wrong?

Pierce County Washington

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When did you plant them? They look very young to me. Perhaps they just need to mature a bit. Beets require 45-60 days to harvest from the time of transplant into the garden. And we've had strange weather this spring--it was hot, and if the soil dried out during that time, it could be a problem. Also, beets don't like saturated soils, and it hasn't stopped raining for a long time. I hope that it's just immature plants.