my tree is hollow

Asked June 8, 2020, 2:32 PM EDT

Hello, a couple questions: I have an ornamental cherry tree about 10 or 15 feet tall whose trunk over the years has hollowed out. Should I be doing anything to help in it's longevity, do nothing and just enjoy it till it dies or cut it down now? Several winters ago a wet heavy snow cracked the longest horizontal branch. I will be removing it close to the trunk once the current occupants ( a Robin couple) move on, along with about half of the branch above it to try and balance the tree out a bit. I have been lead to believe that I shouldn't do anything to the cut face, is this the best course? Any suggestions on taking the limbs off?

Howard County Maryland

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We would recommend that you simply do nothing and appreciate it for as long as you have it. We would not suggest trying to prune into the trunk area with such a big limb. It's actually pretty special to have a natural cavity for birds to nest in these days. We also wouldn't prune the limbs on the right.
For future reference on other trees, you are correct, we no longer suggest any treatment for wound surfaces. It's been found that trees do a better job of healing over and sealing off wounds if we leave them alone.