Volutella and Pachysandra

Asked June 8, 2020, 2:12 PM EDT

My pachysandra beds have Volutella. I know to remove the infected are but what else needs to be done?

St. Clair County Michigan

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Thank you for your question. Below are articles on integrated pest management (IPM) of volutella in pachysandra. I’m not certain how you came to the volutella diagnosis but before undertaking any pesticide treatment, confirm the presence of the disease. Some environmental stresses can give the appearance of volutella and would not benefit from fungicide treatment. General IPM strategies begin with what you have done--removing the affected plants. It would also be good to consider whether the plants are growing under ideal conditions. Growing plants very densely and having overhead irrigation are listed as risk factors for volutella since they create ideal growing conditions for the fungus. Also, plants that are stressed by excess sun or drought conditions may be weakened and more susceptible.

Volutella IPM in pachysandra:



You may also opt to replace the areas affected with other groundcovers that are not susceptible to volutella. This article from University of Maryland has some great suggestions that would also work in Michigan: https://marylandgrows.umd.edu/2019/05/06/my-pachysandra-is-dying-what-can-i-plant-in-its-place/