where can i find pur pur wheat

Asked June 8, 2020, 10:10 AM EDT

I am eating a bread that they state are using pur pur wheat. It seems that this wheat type is fairly old and have a kind of purple color. I have search on the web during many times but can not really find out were it grown and in which countries it is used mainly. From where does it come etc.I have seen posts done in Polish bakery and currently I buy this bread as a premade bread in Thailand. The bread is made in a German bakery but they do not know anything about it. The very interesting thing for me is that when I eat this bread my blood sugar does not increase very much compared with a rye bread that I normally consider very good for exactly that purpose. I write as I which to have more knowledge as it looks to be well suitable for me. Do you have a specification about the content of this wheat such as Kcal per 100 gram. Thank for a prompt answer Nils Inge Åkesson

Outside United States

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Nils Inge Åkesson,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately this question is outside of my expertise.

I've attempted to locate some information and find very little. Backaldrin International, a German company located south of the Danube River in the vicinity of Linz may be able to provide the information you are seeking.

backaldrin International
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