Manure sheds

Asked June 7, 2020, 7:18 PM EDT

My neighbors manure shed is less 50 feet from my well, there property is also higher then mine. I live in west scio, my property is very flat and my water level is about 18 inches from the surface. My question is is there a law or regulation that says that a manure shed has to be 100ft away from a well?

Linn County Oregon

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There is not a law specifically that says 100 feet from a contamination source to the well head. It is a rule of thumb. Typically well heads are not as close to the property line as yours seems to be. Your risk of colifom bacteria and nitrate contamination of your well (an most likely also there well - since aquifers are connected) increases for sure. As a precaution I would recommend very regular testing of your water for the two contaminants at least once a year - but vary months each time. Do a through well inspection every few months an address an structural issues you may find that would allow potential contamination during the rainy season. has the inspection points to look at. Please let me know if you have additional questions.