Eliminating California Ground Squirrels in my West Salem yard

Asked June 7, 2020, 4:01 PM EDT

I have been fighting with these rodents for 5 years. ODFW once told me to trap and do anything with them i wanted to, so I released them 10 miles into the country. Now a different ODFW says I can trap them, but not transport or release them anywhere. Neither can I shoot them with any pellet device. I have no dogs but the squirrels take shelter from neighbor dogs in my yard. Unfortunately, I have neighbors who insist on feeding them. My last (and only?) apparent option is to poison bait them using Phosphide poison in my live trap. HELP!! The adult squirrels are "migrating" to my yard from a large, open field across the street, which is inside city limits.

Polk County Oregon

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Check out the chapter on California ground squirrels in this link to "Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage" (Nebraska). Maybe there are some ideas in the chapter that can be of help to you. Short of getting Jack Russell Terrier or two , or a large cat......


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Thank you for the link to the squirrel information, it has a lot of interesting information. Initially I am going to try to live-trap with peanut butter and a poison bait. That way, if they eat and die in the trap, I will be able to know and dispose of them in a way safe to hawks, buzzards, dogs, and cats that frequent our neighborhood. (We have observed a buzzard feeding on a squirrel in the nearby field.) I have trapped ~25 squirrels previously with Peanut butter and sunflower seeds so hopefully this will work. If not, I may try a T-trap by one of their burrows. I wish I could make the neighbors understand that they are killing cute little guys by attracting and feeding them unnaturally.