Creeping Charlie VS Clover

Asked June 7, 2020, 1:05 PM EDT

Hi, I have a very large yard which is being taken over by creeping charlie. But I've noticed a section of my front yard has clover. A woman in N Mpls,, has clover instead of grass. I'm wondering if the clover in my year could overtake the creeping charlie? I don't want the creeping charlie because it enters the flower beds. I'm avoiding applying chemicals to my yard to kill the creeping charlie. Also would like to replace the grass with a ground cover. Thank you, Joy

Washington County Minnesota

1 Response

I don't know if the clover is strong enough to push out the Creeping Charlie. However, if you keep pulling it, digging it out and cutting the yard before it has a chance to bloom and distribute seed, the clover may have a fighting chance. I am not sure how you can get rid of Charlie without herbicides. Here is a link to our recommendations: