Flowers are dying

Asked June 6, 2020, 11:14 PM EDT

I bought and planted new perennials almost two weeks ago. They were planted on the front corner of my property where they have full sun pretty much the entire day. I planted roses on the very corner (third photo) and three Shasta daisy plants behind the roses. I have included photos of two of the daisy plants. We have watered every day once per day except for when it has rained. The roses have dried up. The daisies are also drying up. Not sure what the issue is. I thought Shasta daisies did well in full sun. Don’t know if we over or underwatered or what we can do to fix. We appreciate any guidance you can give and can provide any more pictures that would be helpful. We have not added anything to the soil. A day before we planted we sprayed some weed killer on top of this soil for some weeds that grow. That’s all I can think of that may be relevant.

Thanks again!

Sarpy County Nebraska

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Hello -

Thank you for the question and pictures. The summer heat has done a number on our newly installed plants. Plants are like people and they need to adapt to the heat. Unlike people, plants are stuck in the ground and are not able to move to cooler locations. One thing that will help is a generous layer of wood-chipped mulch about two inches deep around the plants. This will help keep the soil hydrated when you are not able to water. Too much water can also cause plants to wilt because the root system is not functioning. But we will see the plant yellowing out with too much water.

Remove the spent blooms on the plants and this will help keep them looking cleaner. It is also common for plants to be out of sync the first year they are in the ground. Once they are established they will be okay.