Not Watering the Lawn

Asked June 6, 2020, 10:26 PM EDT

I live in a condo and the board has chosen not to raise fees to repair our sprinkler system. The last three years the lawn has not been watered, I have noticed the lawn's weeds are worse than ever before. I have also noted that because the lawn gets cut, whipped, and then blown there are more of the worst weeds in my flower beds. My thought is that weed seeds are being blown into my flower beds. I was at the Eastern Market today in Detroit and talked about this with someone from the Detroit Farm Cooperative. They said that the WORST noxious weeds grow in dry dirt. Is this information correct? Is the the lack of water causing the problem.

St. Clair County Michigan

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Water, sun and healthy soil are necessary to maintain healthy plants. Lawns are no different. For the lawn to flourish, develop good roots and growth, it requires water. I’m attaching a bulletin from MSU Extension on how to maintain a healthy lawn.

If the lawn is deprived of water, it may go dormant but if the drought continues over an extended period of time, the grass will suffer. Once the grass dies, leaving the soil bare, weed seeds will germinate and take over the lawn. Weeds, sadly, do not seem to suffer from drought conditions. I suspect that you are correct that the weed seeds are blowing into your garden beds from the weedy lawn. It’s likely that your condo board needs to hire a lawn company to deal with the weeds and start a watering program that provides one inch of water a week. A rain gauge would be helpful so that the amount of rainfall can be assessed and unnecessary watering be avoided.

Thank you for your question.