How to fix bent leaves?

Asked June 5, 2020, 10:27 PM EDT

So my little arrowhead plant just tipped over from its resting place and fell onto itself, losing a lot of soil and bending its leaves in the process. One of the leaves snapped at the stem (a new one too.. :( ) and I read online that to fix it, or at least try to help it heal, was to make a “cast”. So, I set the stem next to a pencil and taped the two together so the stem would stay standing up, hoping that might fix it. However, a lot of the leaves are bent from the fall. They haven’t snapped they are just really droopy and bent. I have a little peg holding up some of the leaves that were pretty bad. Any tips on how to fix bent arrowhead leaves? Will the leaves ever go back to normal? Will the plant continue to grow more leaves? It was super duper healthy and happy before all of this happened moments ago. Like I said, it just opened a new leaf (but the new leaf, which was a big one too, snapped). Will sunlight (at gradual increments, because I know arrowheads don’t like too much direct sunlight) help? Please help! I don’t want my poor plant to die.

Franklin County Ohio

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Hi. The good news is that I don’t think the fall will be a lethal blow for your plant. It looks quite good in the photos you sent, which means you are doing a good job taking care of it. The bad news is that damaged leaves do not heal, unlike a broken bone or a cut. However, that typically isn’t a problem for plants because they have an entirely different arrangement of growth than mammals like humans; they have cells that are constantly “at the ready” to produce new stems and leaves. Therefore, you can continue to take care of it as normal (i.e., you don’t need to do anything special to facilitate “healing”), it will eventually produce new leaves and most likely continue to thrive. The bent leaves will probably also continue to function as long as the conducting tissues in the stems are intact. It might not look as good as it did before, but that is typical for plants out in the natural world, so it is not a major problem.