Tree is loosing leaves

Asked June 5, 2020, 4:24 PM EDT

What is wrong and can it be treated

Dakota County Minnesota

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Thank you for sending the picture. I would like a picture of the whole tree, its age. It appears to be viral, possibly carried by mites.

I do not know the age of the tree. Under 10 years?

Thank you for writing back and for the photograph. I believe this is mite galls.
It could be Chestnut gall wasps

I suggest that you ask a reputable arborist to diagnose this condition. Identification and removal is critical if this is the Chestnut gall wasp

Alternatively, you could ask for help from the Dakota County Extention office

Thanks What kind of tree is this? Is It harmful for dogs to be eating the fallen leaves? This tree is in Eagan. Will the tree survive?

I know that the tree is in Dakota County that is why I included that extension office as an option.
The tree is a Horse Chestnut.