Is this poison ivy?

Asked June 5, 2020, 11:13 AM EDT

We have a lot of this plant in areas with ferns and bushes, shade to part shade. Some leaves are mitten shaped, others are not. We think it's poison ivy. What is your opinion? Pictures attached. Thank you for your help. Anita M-M

Chisago County Minnesota

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I don't believe so. It has the "leaves of three", but the leaves are not shiny like poison ivy. Also the leaf edges don't have the large indent in them that you see in the photo.

Anyway here is a reference and you can decide:

There a lot of plants with leaves of three. The plant is starting to bud so you might let it flower and we can ID it.

I've identified the plant. The good news is that indeed it's not poison ivy. The bad news is that it is goutweed. It is a cultivated plant used for ground cover. It is very invasive and will crowd out other plants. It's extremely difficult to eradicate. Our neighbor next door planted it in her yard because she thought it attractive.