sanfoin growth

Asked June 5, 2020, 10:51 AM EDT

We have a sanfoin stand, put in last year, not harvested last year. Pivot irrigation. It initially looked pretty good, but it is now about 1 foot tall, kind of thin, and starting to bloom. Will this continue to put on tonnage after it starts to bloom. Should we cut it and hope for a better second. It would be luck to make 1 ton to acre right now.

Jefferson County Montana

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I'm sorry this has lingered so long in the national eXtension system. Please contact your local office directly at:

MSU Extension is currently without a state forage specialist and we are not hiring during a time CV19 budget caution. However, your County Agent can help track down answers. You may also try an expert in the cropland weeds group as they have general production expertise as well (

Best of luck with good harvests this year!