Fruit trees

Asked June 5, 2020, 6:33 AM EDT

Leaves on my peach and apple trees are crinkling have some fruit on peach apple didn’t even flower this year not sure what’s wrong

Barry County Michigan

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Your picture of peach shows peach leaf curl-
Your picture of apple shows powdery mildew-
Here is a fruit tree spray schedule for fruit, including apple and peach. There are also pictures of each bud and leaf stage, which you use to determine when to spray.
The failure to flower can be the result of disease and/or the hard freeze the area experienced May 9th.
As you may know, it is too late to treat these diseases now, other than to follow the recommendations to clean up fallen leaves, prune, fertilize and water according to the above links recommendations. Follow the spray programs early next year for each tree and you should see reduced disease.