Kentucky Bluegrass production in the Willamette Valley

Asked June 4, 2020, 3:32 PM EDT

I'm an OSU student doing a project on Kentucky Bluegrass production in Oregon. I have a couple of questions about production in the Willamette Valley if you guys have the time. - I've read that Kentucky bluegrass is primarily grown on the east side due to issues with stripe rust in the valley. Is that the case? Has it worked in mixtures with other grass types and if so what varieties? - With the newer regulations of field burning how are grass seed producers in general changing their management styles to accommodate? How are farmers managing residue? - Are there any new pest issues that are a growing concern for producers in the Willamette Valley? Thank you for your time! Melia Insko

Benton County Oregon

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Hi Melina,

It would be easiest for me if we could set up a time to chat on the phone about these issues. Are you available next Wednesday morning? I few things you may find helpful in reading about shift in management from field burning. There has been a lot of work in this area.