Maple tree appears to be dying

Asked June 4, 2020, 12:57 PM EDT

We have a 10 year old maple tree that has been to this point very healthy. This spring it budded out evenly on the whole tree. After a few weeks we noticed the leaves were not growing and appeared to be dying. There are still some very small leaves that are wilted looking but not dead. My husband did trim off a couple branches this spring the site where he trimmed looks clean. The truck looks good overall. Pictures included. Can we save this tree?

Traverse County Minnesota

1 Response

It is pretty much dead. The tree formed the leaf buds last year. Once spring came, these leaves opened, but the tree was not able to continue to either collect energy or send the nutrients to the leaves.

In looking at the pictures, the tree was planted too deeply. You should be able to see the root flare - where the tree gets wider at the bottom. If the tree is planted too deeply, roots can grow up and around the tree trunk. This is called root girdling. It chokes the tree and prevents it from transporting the nutrients. That is one possibility of what happened to kill the tree. But it is dead and needs to be removed.

Sorry! It is always sad to lose a tree.