Farming 80 acres in Madras

Asked June 4, 2020, 11:31 AM EDT

We are in the process of purchasing an 80 acres farm in Madras. All is irrigated. 26 of it is Crooked River water rights, the rest is Deschutes. One field is currently planted in triticale, the other is a Spring Barley. I would like to know the average yield/acre for these two crops as well as the current market for each. We are considering replanting in Orchard grass or alfalfa. I have the same questions for each of those. Do you have any other suggestions for best use of the property? We have a small heard of cows right now that we will be moving there (there is a separate area for them). We do not have any farm equipment so will need to invest in all necessary equipment for whichever crop we decide to farm.

Jefferson County Oregon

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. Are you planning on taking the barley and triticale for hay or grain? Yields and markets will differ for both of those. I do not know the market potential right off the top, but am happy to discuss. Please email me directly at: to discuss options for your property, including equipment considerations.

In terms of orchargrass and alfalfa, I suggest you contact Mylen Bohle who works with forages in central Oregon:

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