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Asked June 4, 2020, 9:41 AM EDT

Hello! I am growing my first vegetable garden and know just really nothing at all about gardening. This ask an expert feature of the website has been so so helpful!! I'm wondering about my spinach plants... for most of the plants the first few leaves looked beautiful and then the next ones coming up have been really shriveled looking. I'm attaching a picture. I also have some pole bean plans that have been getting nice and big, but also the first leaves looked beautiful and then the next round of leaves have looked really shriveled. Attaching a picture of those too. And then finally, several of my plants- the spinach, the peas, the cucumbers - have these white spots that appeared in the leaves. There aren't many, just a few scattered across all of the plants. I'm not sure if I should be concerned, or if this is just something that happens. Thanks so much - if there is somewhere I can/should be donating to support this incredible service I would love to do so!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hi- the foamy white substance in the one photo appears to be from spittlebugs (not typically seen on vegetable plants). Look beneath the foam to detect this small, sucking insect pest. It can cause leaf distortion. They are not a major pest and can be rubbed or washed off leaves if the population is high.,both%20herbaceous%20and%20woody%20plants.

Brush your hand across the bean leaves to see if small, pale green, wedge-shaped insects fly off. If so, you may also have potato leafhoppers, a pest that can cause stunting, curling, and browning along leaf edges.

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