Do strawberries have fruit drop like fruit trees?I found many yellow...

Asked June 3, 2020, 10:35 PM EDT

Do strawberries have fruit drop like fruit trees?

I found many yellow strawberries that had fallen off their stems on the soil amidst the strawberry plants. This was a bed of Benton strawberries.

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Benton County Oregon

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Hi, Jody,
I haven't been able to find anything specifically about fruit drop on strawberries, but your guess is a good one. While strawberries don't drop fruit in order to "self prune" like fruit trees do, they may drop fruit if it isn't getting pollinated, or the plant is not getting enough water. It is also possible a nutrient deficiency could cause the fruit to fail to develop, and drop off. Basically anything that keeps the fruit from developing could be the cause.
Of course, if the plants are diseased that could be the cause - are there any signs of stress or disease in the leaves?