Golden Elderberry looking like it's been burnt

Asked June 3, 2020, 4:31 PM EDT

My pretty Golden Elderberry has sudden developed leaves that are looking like they've been burnt. the edges and clusters of leaves are black and curling. It really looks like it's been torched, but that isn't likely.
I planted it last year and it looked great this year coming out of dormancy then just this week it changed. Any clues?

Polk County Oregon

2 Responses

This is most likely sunburn. Some golden- or yellow-foliaged cultivars of ornamental plants are best planted in at least partial afternoon shade to avoid the hottest part of the sun during the day. It's a bit of a balancing act to provide enough sun for good color development in the foliage without developing scorch. Plants which have a tendency to scorch might be best in a location where they are shaded after 1 or 2pm. This is made a bit more difficult for you, as this plant gets quite big!
If you choose to move the plant, at this point it might be best to take some cuttings, as I'm sure it will root readily at this time of year and might provide you with some insurance plants to place elsewhere if moving the plant itself is impractical. Feel free to write with questions

Thank you so much! It is in full sun after light morning shade. It is still a small shrub, under 3 feet tall, so I can move it. Taking cuttings is an excellent never hurts!