Water testing for cannabis

Asked June 2, 2020, 7:01 PM EDT

Hello I am trying to get my water tested and figure out how much nutrients I should be using I have high iron in my well and a water softener I have a line that bypasses the softener my PpMs are 180 so I’m assuming It’s something with the iron is causing issues it’s stains are sinks and toilet orange overtime I’m trying to find somewhere that can test and tell me what I’m lacking or what is excessive I’d prefer not to go with a ro system Because the constant need of replacing a knf filter I so appreciate your feedback and time and I’m just trying to even be pointed in the right direction I don’t really know where to start

Lane County Oregon

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If you are looking for water analysis here is a list of labs that serve Oregon - check out the water column https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/em8677. You may tell the lab what your goals are, but there may not be a specific test other than a broad analysis. Water testing is typically done in regards to drinking water - not irrigation. Iron removal from the water is typically done with water softeners or specific iron filers not a reverse osmosis system. It sounds like you have those systems so you may not want to bypass them to remove iron for your irrigation purposes. RO removes more than just iron, but is normally used to remove nitrate and arsenic which cause health issues when consumed. Water treatment of any form does have a level of inconvenience depending upon the final outcome you desire.