Asked June 2, 2020, 3:09 PM EDT

I seem to have a large number of bees in my yard. We do have dandelions, but it seems like there is always at least a half dozen bees (usually much more) in the yard at any given moment. Do we have a hive? How do I proceed with yardwork such as mowing so I dont hurt the bees, but also don't get stung? My son has been stung twice playing outside.

Albany County Wyoming

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According to the Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture apiary location map Laramie has 14 registered beekeepers with 1 or more hives in the city limits. Honey bees will easily travel over a mile to harvest a good pollen and nectar source so you are probably being visited by foragers from one or more of the tended hives. If you want to mow when the bee are working the flowers you can. The insects are usually quick enough to get out of the way. However, most dandelion flowers are closed in the afternoon so mowing then will reduce the chances of harm to you or the insects visiting the flowers. I am sorry to hear you son was stung. Honey bees are usually reluctant to sting when foraging; they die after the stinger pulls out of their body. They will sting to defend their hives. But lots of other insects such as sweat bees and wasps, that can sting if they feel threatened, also visit dandelion flowers. So playing on the lawn when the flowers are closed for the day will be safer for him too.