Rose help

Asked June 2, 2020, 8:46 AM EDT

What’s wrong with my roses? The blooms look dull, they have white spots, and appear really red. How do I correct it? Thank you!

Montgomery County Maryland

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There appear to be at least two ailments affecting the roses. The issue of lesser concern is the feeding damage from rose slug, a type of insect larva. They cause "window-paning" (see-through patches) on leaves when young and complete holes when older. They can be controlled with horticultural oil or spinosad if all upper and lower plant surfaces are coated well for effectiveness.

The issue of greater concern is the appearance of rose rosette-like symptoms on some of the foliage in the photos. This is a viral disease transmitted by mites or contaminated pruning tools and is incurable. If the plant is infected, it causes disfigurement at best, and plant death at worst. Given that, a plant suspected of being infected should be removed.