My cherry blossom tree

Asked June 1, 2020, 5:28 PM EDT

Hi, My 15 year old cherry blossom tree is loosing significant leaves. The leaves have holes, possibly from insects? The tree has been very healthy. Any idea? Thank you, Don ,Baltimore County

Baltimore County Maryland

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You are most likely seeing the symptoms of cherry shot hole disease. Wet spring weather is ideal for the development of this disease and we have had a lot of questions about this recently.
Both a fungus and a bacterium can cause shot hole disease in cherries, and distinguishing between the two pathogens is challenging. Neither will be controlled by sprays applied after symptoms have progressed to this point. Some defoliation also can occur as a result of this condition.

The good news is that trees produce many more leaves than they need to feed themselves via photosynthesis, and in most cases mature trees can sustain some of this damage and recover in future years. No treatment is recommended. Remove and dispose of fallen leaves to reduce fungal inoculum around the planting area. This does tend to be a chronic issue in cherry trees in this area, and it is typically worse in wet weather years.

Here is more about cherry shot hole and how to manage it.