Foundation plantings?

Asked May 31, 2020, 10:16 PM EDT

Hi- we’re in Englewood, in zone 5b. We’ve got a western facing front lawn that we’re about to xeriscape with plants from plant select. Nearly all are flowering perennials, but we realize we don’t have any idea what kind of evergreen shrubbery would make nice foundation plantings for in front of our symmetrical bungalow porch. We really want to stay away from pines, spruces, or junipers. Looking for something that maxes out at 4 feet tall, for longevity and low maintenance. Many thanks!

Arapahoe County Colorado

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Narrowleaved evergreen shrubs are the best option for evergreens, but those are the pine, spruce & junipers. Arborvitae is not the best choice for this area because of the high winds and low humidity, and Yew prefer part sun to shady conditions.

Perhaps some of the broadleaved evergreen shrubs might be worth looking at although most of them prefer part sun to shade conditions. West facing and in front of a foundation is very hot and dry.

Broom, Manzanita and Pyracantha may be the options for broadleaved evergreens that can take the hotter, sunnier location.

Plant Select has some great shrubs, although not many of them are evergreens. You could expand your list to include either narrowleaved evergreen shrubs (such as the smaller and attractive mugo, Norway spruce or the golden junipers) or there are some great deciduous shrubs that can tolerate the west-facing heat and sun.

Other attractive foundation plantings include ornamental grasses: