Is this a baby black widow?

Asked May 31, 2020, 7:55 PM EDT

I am finding these in my garage. We have found adult black widows 2years ago, but not more recently.

Gwinnett County Georgia

3 Responses

The pictures are not clear enough to tell.

They are very, very small. The two that I caught are in a ziplock bag. They are already dead by now. However, I would like to determine if they are dangerous spiders. We found 8 black widows in that area of our garage two years ago. We have had regular extermination since, but I am very concerned, especially since we have an adventurous 5 year old.

I cannot tell if they are black widow spiders based on the pictures. One thing about this species of spiders is that they do not like to wander around, but prefer to remain under cover, such as under logs, boards, rocks and other things.