shade tree for pool area

Asked May 30, 2020, 3:46 PM EDT

I am looking for a relatively fast growing shade tree for the south side of our house in Saint Paul. We have a pool so do not want a lot of droppings besides leaves in fall. Had a river birch but it was really tall and was damaging our roof. Would like to shade house (2 story) in summer but no evergreens because do want the sun in the winter. It would be between the house and the pool so couldn't have roots that spread too much. Thinking maximum 30 ft tall?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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That isn't a lot of space and many smaller trees bloom such as crabapples and Japanese Tree Lilacs. Here is a link to some lists of trees that are smaller. They list the height of each. Assume that the root zone will be about the same width as the canopy of the tree. There are some columnar maples that might work too. You could also consider a trip to the Arboretum to look at the mature trees there to see if there is anything that you particularly like but not sure what the visiting plan is there right now.