what is wrong with my grape leaves

Asked May 30, 2020, 2:37 PM EDT

The first appearance of leaves on my grape vine was normal. Now the new leaves have puffy crinkly spaces between the veins and are a little yellow. I gave the plant some Epson salts but that has had no effct. I see no insect pests or mildew. This is just weird. Cindy Nielsen

Marion County Oregon

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From your description, it sounds as if your vine is affected by Grape Erineum Mites. These are microscopic mites, much different than the spider mites you may have heard about.

Grape erineum mites feed from the undersides of grape leaves. The white "fuzz" is composed of plant hairs which have become abnormally large due to the mite feeding. The blisters on top of the leaves correspond to the white feeding sites on the undersides. With time, the white will become tan, then brown.

Grape erineum mites are specific to grapes; they won't affect any other plants in your yard and garden. Fortunately, the mites won't affect the health of your vine, nor its production of grapes.

If your grape leaves look like those in the attached image, they are affected by grape erineum mites.
If not, please send an image of your leaves when you reply to this email.