Can you help identify this plant

Asked May 30, 2020, 1:54 PM EDT

Its in a partial sun area of my lawn seems to grow by underground runners, and has hairy red stem that looks wicked, at first i thought it was poison ivy so i ripped it up but them noticed my neighbor keeps it in his garden (id ask him but there is a language barrier) after ripping it up it promptly grew back. Also this is growing next to stinging nettles so im not sure which stung. Also im not in a hurry to rip it out until it can be identified

Ramsey County Minnesota

1 Response

I don't know what the plant is. It is difficult to id plants until they are in bloom. It looks like it is something that has spread pretty easily which would make it pretty undesirable and once things like that take over they can be difficult to remove. If you want to wait until it is blooming and send another photo we will try to id it for you then otherwise if you didn't plant it I would remove it.