Can anyone recommend a good fertilizer to help wild autumn olive trees yield better berries?

Asked May 30, 2020, 12:30 AM EDT

I have Autumn Olive trees (Elaeagnus umbellata) growing abundantly on my property. They grow out of shale and poor soil, as most know very invasive. My family loves and eats so many of the berries. Can someone recommend a fertilizer that would help make the berries develop into bigger, juicier and more edible fruits and when to apply it and how often? The berries we get now are very small and I have seen much bigger berries on trees in better soils. I will attempt to propagate some of the plants into my garden this summer to see if we can generate a better yield, but it seems much easier to just fertilize and water the trees that grow wild everywhere.

Allegany County Maryland

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We can not recommend trying to plant more of this invasive plant which displaces our native flora.

Fertilizer is not likely to improve berry quality. Eleagnus has roots that can fix Nitrogen from the air, which is why it was originally introduced and able to grow on soils degraded from mining and logging.

Here is our page on Eleagnus: