Asked May 29, 2020, 10:17 AM EDT

New zucchini not growing after ten weeks plants are only 10 inches high with little or no blooms. All male blooms. We see bees, we irrigate regularly. They are in raised beds, full sun. Should I pull them up and start again?

Leon County Florida

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Sorry about your zucchini troubles.

I have a couple of questions to help figure this out. Zucchini are usually pretty good growers until the dreaded borers come along.

What is the source of soil for the raised beds?

Any evidence of squash vine borers – drooping afternoon leaves, orange-colored debris and/or holes near/in the base of the stem?

Did you plant from seed or starts?

How much have the plants grown since planting? None at all, a few leaves?

I think at this point you wouldn’t really want to start over. While planting guides may suggest a fall crop of summer squash, the pest pressure is pretty high, and for best success, you may just want to wait again until next year.

Based on the answers to the above question, we can try to figure out what happened. For now, just leave them be and see what happens.

Please send your responses to me directly at tancig00@ufl.edu. Thanks, Mark with Leon County Extension UF