Weeds or native plants

Asked May 29, 2020, 9:55 AM EDT

There is a stormwater culvert in the NW corner of my backyard. Runoff from my property and my neighbors on either side drains to this location. I let cattails that naturally appear grow there and added rip rap to help filter runoff. I need help identifying other plants that pop up in this location. Is what I see weeds ot is it native plants that woulf be good to leave alone and let grow.

Washington County Minnesota

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The first picture is Joe Pye Weed. Probably Big Joe and will grow 6-8'. Great pollinator plant. In the fall you will see bumble bees all over it. It seeds profusely and it will spread. It loves wet feet so that is why you have it. There must be some other plants in the general area.

The second picture is a sedge of some sort. Probably OK to leave it. You might check to see if it Yellow Nutsedge which you then might want to get rid of:https://apps.extension.umn.edu/garden/diagnose/weed/sedge/. Ususally Nutsedge does not form that big a clump.

the third picture locks to be ragweed. I would pull it.

Thanks for your reply. Just to be sure I'm understanding correctly, the plant that has the green arrow above it is the Joe Pye Weed. The plant with the orange arrow above it is Ragweed.

I don't believe the sedge is Yellow Nutsedge. I do have issues with YN, but if it appears I use SedgeHammer, a selective herbicide for use in controlling nutsedge in turf and landscaped areas, Works really well.