NPK mix

Asked May 29, 2020, 9:49 AM EDT

Below are the results of a soil test I had done at a local nursery. If I want to use this soil to plant vegetables that want a balanced ratio of NPK say 10-10-10 would I add potassium and phosphorus and then mix in peat to reduce the higher NPK?

Here are your Soil Test Results :


PH = 6.5 ( Slightly Acidic )

PH level is good.

NITROGEN = Very High



Soil looks to be good quality. Nothing specific to recommend. Use normal fertilization and watering during the season.

Wayne County Michigan

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The soil testing method used only provides an approximation of the nutrients and not the specific amount in the soil. This makes it very difficult to provide detailed instructions. Assuming that the broad category of "high" is correct though, no fertilizer should be applied. Applying fertilizer to plants grown in soils with high amounts of N-P-K can lead to plant damage, environmental damage and a needless expense. The pH of 6.5 is fine for most vegetable crops and no adjustment is needed.