Scotch Broom, Goats, and seed products

Asked May 28, 2020, 11:38 AM EDT

Are goats an effective control measure for Scotch broom? Question two... can the seeds of scotch broom be harvested, ground and pressed for oil or used for animal feed?

Lincoln County Oregon

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Hello, I did find some literature to suggest that goats readily eat scotch broom (page 51):
They are known to be very effective at clearing blackberries and other woody perennials. It's good to fence them off so that they are concentrated on the scotch broom so they cannot choose other more palatable plants and they will go for the grass first. I am not aware of any marketable uses for Scotch Broom currently. The stalks used to be used in the floral industry. As far as consumption of the plant in any form, it is not recommended as it has toxic alkaloids. This is known to cause poisoning in Horses, cattle and sheep. Human poisoning has been documented.