Plant identification

Asked May 28, 2020, 8:33 AM EDT

This plant is growing in a 3 year old vegetative swale. Is this a native shrub/plant or a weed?

Washington County Minnesota

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Thank you! Your expertise is much appreciated.
This was the first year I noticed this plant and it didn't match any descriptions of plants that were originally planted in this swale.

I am glad I could help. You never know what blows in with the wind or is brought in by animals.

There are lots of plant ID sites, but I often use Google Lens to try to at least narrow it down. It is free and works with the Google app on phones. It isn’t always accurate, but gives me a starting point. I think that is how I identified this in my yard.

Thanks for your tip about Google Lens. I just started using it and it is amazing. This is just what I was looking for. Now I can identify plants, birds, etc. when I'm out on walks.

Glad you find it useful. It isn’t perfect, but I think it is about as good as the paid plant ID programs and it does work on lots of other stuff.