Blueberry leaf diagnostic

Asked May 27, 2020, 8:08 PM EDT

Blueberry plants are 3 years old. Planted fall of 2019 on raised beds with corrected ph. Raised beds had holes dug 2 times the size of the plant bulb and back filled with peat moss. Top dressed in pine bark. 200 plants total. Have been doing small doses of liquid feed 21-7-7 peters acid hammer. After feeding 19oz of product in 100 gallons of water I noticed a week later that some of the leaves have red burnt tips A few leaves maybe 2-3 every 5ith plant or so has a bright yellow leaf with no veins present and those leaves are falling off. Some of the new growth I noticed today is red like autumn colors. Not sure if this is a fertilizer burn or just a coincidence. Weather has been very very wet. Raining several inches a week and have noticed a little fungus may be starting on some leaves but that’s always an issue in our area. Overall plant looks pretty good. Just trying to be productive. Seems that my 3 year old duke plants are more affected than my 2 year old bluecrop.

Jasper County Missouri

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I suggest you send a leaf sample to the University of Missouri Plant and Pest Diagnostic lab for analysis. It might be a fungal pathogen especially since one variety is more affected than the others. You might also consider taking leaf samples for nutrient analysis as well. Those are usually taken about the time the berries start to ripen. A number of commercial labs are available for plant analysis.