I have a sycamore tree that is rapidly dropping young leaves, the leaves...

Asked May 27, 2020, 4:43 PM EDT

I have a sycamore tree that is rapidly dropping young leaves, the leaves appear to be burnt on the tips. Can you tell me what this is and what should we do about it? Thanks!

Licking County Ohio

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Is it possible to send a few pictures and did the leafs just start to fall. Thanks

Yes in the last 3-4 days the leaves started to drop. They are all over. Lots and lots.

In cool wet springs sycamores are susceptible to a fungus disease call anthracnose. The symptoms of anthracnose usually appear when that coolest weather which we have had, coincide with the emergence of the young sycamore leaves. Both emerging and larger leaves will wilt, turn brown and fall from the tree. This is not going to cause the tree to die. There are sprays to prevent the fungus, but these must be applied;ied bye a certified arborist, and are expensive and rarely necessary. Other preventive measures include cleaning up fallen leaf debris and disposing of it. Keep trees well watered during drought conditions. Sycamores are naturally a river bottom tree and need lots of water. Since I am only looking at pictures, it would b e best to call an arborist to come out and look at your tree. Arborist are tree specialist and the can come and actually look at your tree. Pictures are sometimes hard to give a diagnosis and a arborist could confirm my diagnosis. Thanks for your question