Possible invasive species?

Asked May 27, 2020, 2:34 PM EDT

Hello! I recently purchased a new house and as thing flowered this spring I was very sad to find that some of the healthiest trees seem to be choke cherries. I would love it, when you guys are back to normal functions, if some one could help me identify the invasive species that are in my yard. Thank you! Cory

Anchorage Alaska

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From the pictures those look like the invasive chokecherry trees. That is a bummer. The Division of Forestry is going to pilot a program in Anchorage to help people that remove their chokecherry trees pay for replacements.
As for the herbaceous plants it looks like there is a lot going on there, some just weeds like dandelions, some native plants too like fireweed and horsetaii. I can help you figure out a plan for that area that will be based on what it is you want to have growing there.

Where do I find information on this pilot program? That would be perfect for us and I would love to tell my neighbors about it as it seems they almost all have choke cherries. I don't really have any plan for the back yard. I would like it all to be bunny safe, dog safe and preferably native. We do want to plant a crab apple and maybe one other type of tree some where in the yard, and perhaps some bushes along the fence line. Any suggestions on trees, bushes or other hearty plants? I don't have the greenest thumb. Thank you!

I will ask at Division of Forestry how/when they are rolling that out and get back to you. Crab apples are a great choice and there aren't really bad options for dogs and bunnies. You will want to protect the tree from the bunnies if they are prone to eating that stuff.

Awesome! Thank you! I will protect the tree, they already love crab apple branches!

I just talked with a contact at Division of Forestry, and they said to keep an eye out for a press release sometime in June. They will have a process to have someone confirm it is there and that it was removed. They weren't ready to start taking calls as they are working out some of the details. I hope that helps. Let me know if you need advice on removal of those trees.