Deer Eaten Apple Trees

Asked May 27, 2020, 2:12 PM EDT

I am a MG Trainee i called the hotline but noted the picture download. Excellent.
My trees are new to three years old Macintosh Gala and Golden Delicious
They were all growing great. Little branches filled with leaves. .
The deer ate well and left scant growth on the original branches. Now i also have new growth at the base and along the trunk. Should I prune off base and trunk growth and trim eaten crown? Or leave them alone?

Oakland County Michigan

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I would remove sprouts at ground level and anything up the main trunk to the first scaffolds. If your scaffold branches are still alive they should sprout from dormant buds. They will sprout more easily if there isn’t competition from the lower sprouts.
I am giving you some pruning and care resources, should you need them-
Deer fencing: