Pine Trees: Is there a disease attacking them?

Asked May 27, 2020, 6:10 AM EDT

Hi, I've been told by a tree trim guy that all of our pine trees are dying from something and my pines do look rather bare in the middle. Do you offer a service to come and check my trees, if in fact this is true? Thanks, Diane Manetz

Eaton County Michigan

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These look like Colorado Blue spruce, looking like many of the Colorado Blue spruce in Michigan. Because these trees are not adapted to our humid conditions, many develop fungal infections which cause these needlecast symptoms. Some of the infections respond to fungicide treatments, others do not, but even those that do require several treatments per year for several years to begin to control it. I am attaching an article that discusses what is going on with our spruce trees and includes a link to another article which discusses better choices of evergreen trees for Michigan's climate.
If you decide you would like to pursue treatment, it is recommended that you contact an ISA-certified arborist. One can be found on the website that ISA maintains.