Garden pest

Asked May 26, 2020, 9:39 PM EDT

Wondering if I could get some help identifying this bug and info on how to rid it from my Landscape and garden. It has destroyed mint plants, bee balm, daisies and lemon balm plants. It is in my Landscape beds but I also plant cucumbers and cabbage in my Landscape beds. Thanks for any info.

Kenton County Kentucky

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You have what appears to be a Fourlined Plant Bug. The photo appears to be an adult. Unfortunately it eats on a lot of garden plants. It is not a beneficial insect to kill other plants and it may transmit fungal diseases as well.
Insecticidal soap can be effective against nymphs (less so against adults). Pyrethrins can also be effective. Both products must directly contact the insects to kill them. Neither product has any residual activity so repeat treatments may be needed. Insecticidal soap and pyrethrin are generally low risk to beneficial insects. I suggest that you begin control and use all insecticides sparingly as we try to protect beneficial insects.