Weird substrate accumulation in garden container

Asked May 26, 2020, 7:32 PM EDT

Hi! I have five large (half-barrel sized) containers in my back yard that I grow in. One holds only a spearmint plant (and some common mushrooms that have recently popped up but I believe are unrelated), and this container (and this container only) has had an accumulation of what seems like dried coconut coir show up in piles. I'll get rid of it by either blowing it out of the container, or the rain will wash it into the rest of the soil, etc. But it'll show right back up. I also think I noticed some holes in the container, similar to what you see when clamming. I'd say they had the diameter of a chopstick. I haven't explored them to calculate depth. I do know I have Japanese beetles (which is why I chose to not even attempt squash this year). But I'm unaware of what could be causing this issue and my enhanced research skills have gotten me nowhere! I've only lived in Kentucky for 18mo now, and this is the first place I've experienced this. I believe it also happened last year, but we just assumed it was squirrels, even though we get a surprisingly few amount, and there was never really an indication that something that big was doing the digging. The attached picture of the container shows the loosened dirt/magical substrate (?) on the right side of the container. I've attached pictures of the mushrooms and mint as well, you can see the holes in one of them, and see how the dirt keeps getting tossed up onto the plants.

Fayette County Kentucky

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I would be happy to help you with this, but seeing as I have a few questions for you, it might be best to continue this with a phone conversation. Please call me at the Fayette County Extension Office at (859) 257-5582 and ask for Carrie. Thanks!