Mites in my worm bin?

Asked May 26, 2020, 2:13 PM EDT

Hello, I just found an army of little bugs in my indoor vermicomposting bin. I think they are mites, but panicked for a moment that they were ticks. There are tons of them running all over the place. Please advise me what to do. Could they get out into my house and cause problems? Is it bad to dump the bin in my garden if we want to start over? Thank you so much. They are hard to see in the picture as they were moving so fast.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- there is a complex ecosystem in even the smallest worm bins. There are many different species of mites that could be found in well-functioning worm bins. If the population of a species exploded for some reason some individuals might leave the bin but could not survic=ve for long at high numbers outside the bin. Mites found in worm bins are not a problem for people or pets.

You could dump the contents in your garden losing your investment in redworms. Here are some web pages with mite and worm bin info: