Asked May 26, 2020, 11:38 AM EDT

I hired a lawn care company to mow my lawn while I was out of town. I hired them on a regular weekly basis. Upon my return to town I was shocked that all my pachysandra had been mowed down I called the owner of the company and his response was well the lawn was overgrown. What should I do will it come back? If so how long will it take? should I ask him to replace it? I am upset I can't see how they reputable Lawn Service could misjudge what they were mowing down


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A vigorous patch of Pachysandra will probably re-grow well on its own, although lawn and Pachysandra prefer two different conditions for best growth. Lawn thrives in full sun, whereas Pachysandra needs afternoon shade to grow well and look its best. Perhaps a weedy grass was invading the Pachysandra bed. As such, however, grasses in the bed should have been pulled out instead of taking this more drastic measure, though it may depend on how tall the grass had gotten, if it obscured the Pachysandra.

Replacement through re-establishment of new Pachysandra plantings will likely take longer than simply allowing the root systems to re-sprout. If this company has reviews on sites that share performance reviews, you can mention this error and your shock and displeasure. The lawn care industry can include less well-trained individuals, so going with a company touting trained or certified staff (such as Maryland's Certified Professional Horticulturist program) and having experienced crew leaders lessens the risk such mistakes are made or that supervision is this lacking.